The Rule of Thirds: The Ultimate Guide to Fundraising Success

Fundraising is a critical component of any organization's success, and the number one rule to keep in mind is the rule of thirds. This concept suggests that the first 10 donations should account for 33% of the goal, followed by the next 100 donations that represent another third, and finally, the remaining donations making up the last third. This rule provides a reliable strategy for achieving success in fundraising campaigns, as it helps organizations to avoid early setbacks. A recent survey by Axios and Harris ranked the 100 most visible United States organizations, and this data can be used to help organizations better understand their target audience and how to reach them. By understanding who is donating and why, organizations can tailor their fundraising efforts to maximize their success. The rule of thirds is an invaluable tool for fundraising success, but it's important to remember that it's not the only factor.

Organizations should also consider other elements such as their target audience, their message, and their overall strategy. By taking all these elements into account, organizations can ensure that their fundraising efforts are successful.