Public Transportation Options Near Glendale Fun Run

Are you looking for public transportation options near the Glendale Fun Run in California? Look no further! The LZTC serves as a central transportation hub for the city of Glendale, providing several public transportation systems such as Amtrak, Metrolink, Greyhound, and Metro. Additionally, the city offers Dial-a-Ride, a curbside to sidewalk transportation service for residents 65 and older or those with a disability certificate issued by a doctor. For those looking to explore the area, Access your own printable map showing all Glendale Beeline routes and bus stops.


is the region's commuter rail system that connects travelers from Orange, LA, Ventura, and San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

The Antelope Valley and Ventura County lines pass through Glendale Station (400 W). Metrolink rates vary depending on the distance traveled and can be purchased at vending machines located at the stations.


offers four local routes that provide easy access to employment centers and convenient connections to local services and regional transportation services. The Media District, Bob Hope Airport, the North Hollywood (NoHo) red and orange lines, and the downtown Burbank Metrolink station are all within easy reach. BurbankBus is an economical and environmentally friendly trip with one-way fares for adults costing only one dollar.

Plus, their entire fleet is powered by clean-burning natural gas. Glendale is a great place to explore with its many public transportation options. Whether you're looking for a quick ride to the fun run or an extended journey around the city, there's something for everyone. With its convenient location near Los Angeles, Glendale is an ideal destination for travelers looking to explore the area.