Are Water Stations Available Along the Fun Run Course in Glendale, California?

Are you planning to take part in the fun run in Glendale, California? If so, you'll be delighted to know that there are water stations available along the course. On the 5 km race circuit, there will be a help station with water, and two help posts with water on the 10 km circuit. The water is supplied by Glendale Water & Power (GWP) and the State Water Project. GWP draws groundwater containing chemicals from manufacturing industries that used to be in the San Fernando Valley and cleans it.

This supply is limited due to the ruling on the upper Los Angeles River (ULARA), and GWP maximizes the amount pumped from the San Fernando basin by passing it through the Glendale Water Treatment Plant (GWTP) to help clean up the basin as part of an Environmental Protection Agency Superfund cleanup project called the Glendale Operable Unit. The second source is the State Water Project, which depends on rainfall in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. After collection and transportation, the MWD treats the water that Glendale uses at one of the two regional surface water treatment plants; first it disinfects it with an ozone treatment, then coagulates, flocculates, settles and filters it, and finally performs additional disinfection before delivering it to Glendale. When you open your taps, the water enters through the drain pipe and expels these gases, which causes a smell.

Mineral deposits, usually calcium, can form in large quantities in water that is too hot or too cold, which is why customers often see deposits on kettles and ice cubes. Glendale Water & Power has been helping to clean groundwater in the San Fernando Basin for nearly a quarter of a century as part of an EPA Superfund cleanup project called the Glendale Operable Unit. This program offers ideas and inspiration to permanently reduce water use, regardless of whether California is experiencing a drought. This statement is based on the fact that the treatment processes used by GWP in the city's wells and by MWD in the surface water treatment plants that serve Glendale are chlorine disinfection at the initial point of treatment and, then, the use of chloramines to maintain a durable disinfectant residue in the water distribution system to prevent waterborne pathogens. If you switch from the 5K or 10K race to the Kids Fun Run or from 10K to the 5K, you will not be reimbursed for any difference. With too much water, there isn't a sufficient concentration of sodium in your bloodstream, which can lead to confusion and, in some cases, even death.